About Sioux Council

The Sioux Council continues its proud heritage of serving community organizations across the 61 counties that comprise our service area. Nearly 3,104 families participated in the Scouting and Learning for Life programs provided by nearly 1,100 dedicated volunteer leaders.

The Sioux Council Center for Scouting is open Monday thru Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.


Find your place. And be prepared for more.

Scouting is all about stretching your comfort zone in an environment that truly promotes belonging: girls, boys, children, teens and parents – everyone is welcome.

This isn’t your typical youth organization, either. Practical skills go hand in hand with life lessons, all with the goal of preparing young people to succeed in and contribute to their communities.

Our programs start out tailored to age ranges, and then allow our Scouts to forge their own paths as they get older.